Can Birth Control Pills Treat Acne?

The great number of people who are suffering from acne infection have required in-depth research and a crusade for its cure. Latest researches have revealed that birth control pills can be employed to manage and heal acne infection. Below is an inquiry of the usability of contraception tablets as a measure to control acne.

Contraception tablets can play an important role in acne treatment. These pills help you treat the problem by controlling the extrusion of sebum. It must be noted that unnecessary sebum is one of the main reasons for acne.

Acne occurs when there is an exaggerated production of sebum. This is so as the extra sebum clogs the skin pores. As the difficulty of clogged pores increase, acne rears its ugly head. Birth control pills prove useful in this context. It regulates the production of sebum and hence prevents blocking of pores. This in turns helps to keep acne under control.

The working of sebaceous glands is dependant on sundry factors. However, one factor which is majorly responsible for causing its sebum production is androgen. Androgen is better known as a male hormone. Quite opposite to its name; this hormone is present in greater quantities in females.

Oral contraceptives are very valuable in decreasing the percentage of androgens in the body. As the quantity of androgens in the body decreases; the working of sebaceous glands is noticeably controlled. This, in turn, implies that no extra sebum emission and so no associated acne breakouts.

These tablets work as a good cure for acne only in women. Both, children as well as females in their adult age can use these pills to fight the problem. Low dosage birth tablets are employed in youths to avoid any kind of complications.

Side effects are something you have to be cautious of. It’s been found that the contraception tablets used for acne solution have many associated complications. Melasma, vaginal bleeding, and liquid retention are amongst the several side effects of these oral contraceptives. If the intake of these tablets is continued for long; females are likely to face many complications in pregnancy.

In addition to that; it’s not it is not necessary that these oral contraceptives will work just as well for all acne conditions. These tablets fail to work effectively against severe acne forms like cysts and nodules. Going by the detrimental complications these tablets come accompanied with; it is suggested to restrict their usage for acne cure.

There are several other acne solution options that will help you lose the issue safely. One of them is the Exposed Skin Care Solution. This anti-acne product employs FDA approved ingredients to help you get rid of acne without incurring any harmful side effects. You may also look into Exposed product reviews to gain complete information about the product.

If you have an intense case of acne and would like to have a good solution don’t bother with birth control pills.

3 thoughts on “Can Birth Control Pills Treat Acne?

  1. Thanks for sharing. I have used birth control pills to treat acne for months but it caused many negative effects to me (such as hair loss). So I stopped using it. Anyway, thanks for the information.

    1. You were right. Using birth control pills to get rid of acne is not a good solution. It not only causes hair loss but also leads to hormonal disturbances in your body. There’s many natural remedies to treat acne, you should try it.

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